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ISO 1401 : 2004ISO 14001:2004
Show that you care about the environment!
The world is extremely sensitive on the subject of environment and its preservation.
ISO 14001:2004 is an Environmental Management Systems (EMS) international standard, which is universal and appropriate for any type of organization. The effective implementation of an environmental management system in conformance with ISO 14001:2004 makes you more competitive on the market, and lowers some of the expenses for your organization, e.g. it makes you use more optimally your resources and energy. ISO 14001:2004 helps you prevent and diminish incidents, which practically lowers your insurance expenses.
This standard can be applied to any organization that desires:
  • To develop, implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system;
  • To assure compliance and conformity with its environmental policy;
  • To demonstrate conformity with the international standard
All of the requirements of this international standard are designed to be covered by any environmental management system.
The systematic applying of the environmental management methods contributes to the success and goal achievement of all stakeholders.
The certification of your EMS by GCS Bulgaria improves your image and makes you a desired partner in your business.